TypeVault Code
Reward:100 Points
Created01 SEP 2019 16:06 -0400
Expires18 MAY 2020 08:59 -0400

About VIP Codes

Borderlands has a free VIP System for anyone with a SHiFT Account. There are a wide variety of codes that grant points to your account. These points are used as a virtual currency that can be used to purchase limited weapons, skins and heads in all Borderlands games. There is also a variety of wallpapers and the ability to purchase Gold Keys in select games. Points generally range from 100 points to as high as a 1000 while rewards are usually around 4000 points each.

You can earn points by completing activities on the VIP Site such as watching videos, reading articles or referring friends. There are also periodic codes sent out via email and select partners. VIP Codes generally have an expiration date on them though it's not commonly published. It is best to redeem your codes as soon as possible.

Redeeming VIP Codes

All VIP Codes are handled through the Borderlands VIP Site. The login is the same as your SHiFT account. Once logged in you can access the Redemption page through the Insiders menu. In there you will find buttons labelled as "SHiFT", "Vault", "Diamond", "Email", "Creator" and "Boost". Click the button that matches the code type you are attempting to enter.

If you do not see any of the buttons other than "SHiFT" you will need to disable your ad-blocker and enable 3rd Party cookies in your browser.