Twitter is the world’s most popular microblogging service. This site and its SHiFTBot utilizes Twitter heavily. Although Facebook is still occassionally utilized by Gearbox Software the vast majority of their new SHiFT Codes come out through the Twitter platform. As such SHiFTBot focuses heavily on Twitter to both acquire and distribute new SHiFT Codes but it doesn’t completely ignore other avenues either.

Account Directory

The @dgSHiFTCodes account should be considered the primary account for SHiFTBot. All new SHiFT and VIP Codes are published to this account as well as the occassional giveaway. Direct messages are open to everyone though it may take some time to get a reply on occassion. You should follow this account to get notifications when any new SHiFT Code or VIP Code is sent out.

This fully automated account does nothing but retweet Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes that are published on the main @dgSHiFTCodes Account. The purpose to this is so that visitors can enable mobile notifications and get timely updates whenever a new code is published. Nothing else will ever be published on this account and it should be considered a Notification Proxy/Firewall.

Another fully automated account that simply retweets Wonderlands SHiFT Codes when they are published on the primary account. Similiar to the BL3 account its primary purpose is to allow visitors to enable notifications on Twitter without getting spammed for games they are not interested in. Essentially a notification filter service.

That’s me! The human who runs all the bots and website. I’ve included my timeline in this list because that’s where I publish site & bot updates to avoid spamming any of the SHiFT Accounts. Most people don’t care about the changes so it seems silly to post it out to everyone. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff now you know how to find me. My direct messages are open to everyone so feel free to reach out if you so desire.

Other Twitter Accounts

There are a couple other Twitter accounts I own but they are not currently utilized or are specifically for testing purposes. I’ve included them in this list simply for proof of ownership if their authenticity is questioned.

Other Contact Methods

Although Twitter should be considered the primary point of contact, if you wish you can still use old fashioned email to reach out as well. I check the account rather frequently but it may take a little while to get back to you.

I do not post on Facebook or Instagram and any account purporting to be from this site is an imposter.