All about us 

Even though the SHiFT and VIP Code archive is only a pet project for Orcicorn, that doesn't mean a lot of time and effort don't go in to keeping everything running smoothly. Below are some articles that outline the different portions of the project and how they work together to keep information flowing and organized.

3rd Party Tools

A listing of unsupported 3rd Party tools that take advantage of our data feeds

About SHiFTBot

Learn more about the technology used to power the suite of scripts known as SHiFTBot

Data feeds for programming

In addition to the RSS feeds the site also publishes a JSON Feed of ALL active SHiFT & VIP codes for programatically parsing data

About this Site

Read about the history of this project as well as the many website iterations over the years

Twitter Contacts

View a directory of Twitter accounts which are used to process and filter SHiFT and VIP Codes

Custom RSS Definitions

The RSS feeds incorporate a couple of custom name spaces to make robotic parsing simpler and more reliable. This document outlines their use.

Change Log

A chronoligical archive of all the changes made to the website and SHiFTBot software. Opens in a new window